Release Notes

Release 0.5.4+8.gcae16a8


New Features


New Types

  • datashape now supports a categorical type (#150).

Experimental Types


Experimental types are subject to change.

  • Records can now be constructed with the new syntax: R['field0':type0, 'field1':type1, ...] where each slice object represents a field in the record. R acts as an alias for Record to make it more pleasant to construct these literal types (#186).

API Changes

  • datashape no longer supports Python 2.6 (#189).

  • datashape no longer support Python 3.3 (#191).

  • The default repr of Mono subclass now prints out the slot names as keyword arguments next to their values (#188). For example

    Instead of

    >>> from datashape import Decimal
    >>> Decimal(precision=11, scale=2)
    Decimal(11, 2)

    we have

    >>> Decimal(precision=11, scale=2)
    Decimal(precision=11, scale=2)
  • Fields are now always constructed with str in Record datashapes (#197).

Bug Fixes

  • Makes the parser recognize null and void (#183).
  • Cache the datashape hash value to avoid potentially expensive recomputation during memoization (#184).
  • Fix discovery of strings that start with things that look like numbers (#190).
  • Makes the parser recognize object (#193).
  • Make string field names in Record types have the same string type (#200).
  • Fix the reprs for Function objects (#194).